Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Work and Upcoming Texas Trip

Hello Everyone,

Spring is approaching, and warm temperatures are slowly beginning to creep into the air, at least here in Minnesota. Soon things will be green again.

I recently had the opportunity to create an illustration for the Writer Magazine. The piece was for an article on how poetry can be used to tell a story. For the article, a few examples of poems with a narrative were discussed. One poem was from Emily Dickinson called "I Heard a Fly Buzz". It is about a young woman dying in her bed as a fly buzzes around her room.  For the illustration, I decided to focus almost entirely on the fly by showing it crawling alongside the wall while the image of the dying woman is reflected in the vermin's eye. The scene contains a combination of mystery, sadness and beauty which properly fits the strange and rather macabre theme of the poem.  Here is the illustration:

On March 18th I will be traveling for the MFA in Illustration program through the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, CT. This time to Dallas, TX for about a week. I am looking forward to meet local illustrators from the Dallas/Ft Worth area and hear them speak about their work and the field of illustration in general. It will be good to see my fellow students again and observe some of the culture of Texas (rodeo, barbeque, etc...).

Goodbye for now!