Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New York City and Illustration Assignment

From November 14th to the 21st I spent a week in New York City for the MFA in Illustration program I am currently enrolled in. It was a very memorable time, reconnecting with fellow students and faculty while attending artist lectures and visiting various sites of the city.  One event, which took place at the Society of Illustrators, was the class critique for the assignment that was due for the NYC trip. The assignment called for the student to create a portrait of a famous figure living in the early to mid Twentieth century. The image was to be created imitating a style of an illustrator living during that time and show the portrait on the cover of a well known magazine of that period. I chose to portray Duke Ellington on the cover of Collier's magazine, done in the style of Robert Fawcett. Below is the finished piece. It received many positive reviews from the instructors and students and I was very honored by their compliments.